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Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.Located in the eastern part of the Arabian Peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is a global city and the business hub of Western Asia. It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. Oil revenue helped accelerate the development of the city, which was already a major mercantile hub. Today, less than 5% of the emirate’s revenue comes from oil. A centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century, Dubai’s economy relies on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.

What you should know before traveling to Dubai

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates and more precisely to Dubai, probably the best known emirate of the 7! Crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Dubai is a world metropolis, cosmopolitan and with dazzling modernity. You will hear all the languages ​​of the world spoken there, but the official language remains Arabic. The local currency is the UAE dirham.

Which airlines fly to Dubai?

Most of the airlines that go to Dubai are Eastern airlines: Qatar Airways , Turkish Airlines , Aeroflot, Egyptair … Some direct flights are operated by Emirates , but forget your dreams of cheap direct flights to Dubai, you will surely pay the full price. Nonstop flights, on the other hand, are up to two times cheaper. Emirates notably operates direct flights from Nice.

What are the main airports in Dubai?

Two airports serve the city of Dubai: Dubai International Airport (DXB) which is the most frequented by international flights, and the brand new Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC).

How to get to downtown Dubai from the airport?

Simply by metro! It leaves from terminal 3 and arrives in 45 minutes in town. Taxis take on average 30 minutes and buses 1 hour 25 minutes.

When to book a flight to Dubai?

Book as far in advance as possible, as conventions and other professional meetings are held all year round and can drive up prices. In summer, we see a slight drop in the price of the plane ticket to Dubai when the temperature rises to 40 ° C.

How long is a flight to Dubai?

Allow about 6 hours for a direct flight and 15 to 16 hours with stopover . 

What is the best season to travel to Dubai?

To avoid the hellish heat of Dubai (up to 45 ° C!), It is best to travel between November and April.

Is a visa required to travel to Dubai?

A simple identity card is sufficient for nationals of the European Union to spend a vacation in Dubai.

What to do in Dubai?

Surprise awaits you on every corner during a stay in Dubai. Between the futuristic architecture of the Burj Al Arab and the authenticity of the fragrant stalls of the Deira souk, you will constantly be between modernity and tradition.

  • The Jumeirah Mosque : built all in white stones, its beauty comes to a peak after sunset, when the whole mosque, its dome and its minarets light up.
  • Burj Al Arab : it is the highest hotel complex in the world, with 321 meters high! To visit this 7-star palace (yes, SEVEN), you will have to pay the modest sum of $ 75.
  • The Dubai Museum : its exhibitions devoted to the historical and cultural heritage of the city are very interesting. And the frame does not spoil anything!
  • Dromedary races in Nad El Sheba : this most unusual attraction is a real passion among the people of Dubai.
  • The souks of Deira : the souks of Deira are the perfect place for more authentic scents and colors that will make your senses travel

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