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Brazil, officially the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. At 8.5 million square kilometers and with over 208 million people, Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country by area and the fifth most populous. Its capital is Brasília, and its most populated city is São Paulo. The federation is composed of the union of the 26 states, the Federal District, and the 5,570 municipalities.

What should I know before going to Brazil?

We fly to Brazil to discover its wide beaches, its magical carnival and the wonders of the Amazon. Brazil is a huge country located in Latin America. The largest cities in the country include Rio de Janeiro, the capital, but also São Paulo, Salvador, Recife and Manaus. In Brazil, the Brazilian real (BRL) is used as the currency. Brazil being a subcontinent, the country straddles three time zones. The language spoken is Brazilian which differs from a few words and expressions from Portuguese.

What are the main airports in Brazil?

International flights mainly land at Galeão Airport (GIG) in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil is also served by 10 other international airports including that of Brasilia and that of Salvator de Bahia.

When to book your flight to Brazil?

Buy your ticket 10 to 12 months in advance to get the best price.

When is the best time to go to Brazil?

The best time to go on a trip to Brazil is between May and November. The temperature hovers around 30 ° C all year round. Avoid the season between December and February which corresponds to the summer vacation of Brazilians and which often sees prices swell. To book a tour of the country, it is best to do it in advance.

What to do in Brazil?

Nature holds a preponderant place in Brazil. We discover in particular fine sandy beaches and lush forests.

  • Rio de Janeiro : In Rio, the essential visits include of course that of the Statue of Christ 30 meters high which overlooks the whole city from the Corcovado mountain. You will appreciate the typical little train that takes you to the top. The carnival also attracts travelers from all over the world, unforgettable memories guaranteed.
  • Copacabana : the beach is one of the favorite places of relaxation for tourists on vacation in Brazil. Located south of the city of Rio, we go there especially for the New Year to attend the fireworks. We bathe there and drink coconut juice all year round.
  • Sugar Loaf Mountain : a cable car takes you 396 meters above sea level to admire the panorama from the top of this volcanic mountain.
  • Ilha Grande : it is the largest island in the state of Rio and a real paradise in the middle of the ocean.
  • Porto de Galinhas : this coastal port is worth a detour for the clarity of its turquoise waters and its reefs which jut out into the water forming an exceptional landscape.

Where to spend your holidays in Brazil?

Brazil is so vast! Depending on the type of holiday you are planning, you will find many places and several types of accommodation:

  • Beach : who hasn’t heard of Copacabana beach? In the north of the country, you will also find many spots for surfing.
  • Exploration : adventurers can play apprentice gold seekers and venture into the Amazon rainforest. You will find the Iguazú Falls on the Argentinian border.
  • City-break : the Rio carnival is no longer to be presented! Brazilian cities are home to incredible folklore, there will be something for everyone!

There are not only hotels in Brazil! You will also find guest rooms and entire accommodation near the beaches!

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