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Cheap first class tickets to Iceland: Reykjavik and other

Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic, with a population of 360,390 and an area of 103,000 km2, making it the most sparsely populated country in Europe. The capital and largest city is Reykjavík, with Reykjavík and the surrounding areas in the southwest of the country being home to over two-thirds of the population. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active. The interior consists of a plateau characterised by sand and lava fields, mountains, and glaciers, and many glacial rivers flow to the sea through the lowlands. Iceland is warmed by the Gulf Stream and has a temperate climate, despite a high latitude almost entirely outside the Arctic Circle. Its high latitude and marine influence keep summers chilly, with most of the archipelago having a tundra climate.

According to the ancient manuscript Landnámabók, the settlement of Iceland began in 874 AD when the Norwegian chieftain Ingólfr Arnarson became the first permanent settler on the island.

What should I know before leaving for Iceland?

Iceland is a wild island, dotted with endless meadows and immense geysers of hot springs. Its national parks, including Vatnajökull and Snæfellsjökull, are dotted with glaciers. Its capital, Reykjavik, is home to most Icelanders.

Which airlines serve Iceland?

The national airline Icelandair provides direct flights to Iceland. Other companies are present, including the Scandinavian company SAS , but with a stopover.

What are the main airports in Iceland?

Your cheap plane tickets to Iceland will take you to Reykjavík-Keflavík International Airport (KEF). It is located about fifty kilometers south-west of the Icelandic capital.

When to book your flight to Iceland?

Since the arrival of low-cost airlines on the market, it is no longer necessary to book your flight to Iceland months in advance. 


When is the best time to go to Iceland?

Let’s be frank: there is not really a good season in Iceland, only moments of the year during which the weather is a little less bad, that is to say in summer. But it is not for its climate that Iceland naturally attracts. Avoid however the winter which is quite cold, and especially because the days are too short to really enjoy the landscapes.

Is a visa required to travel to Iceland?

A simple identity card is enough to travel to Iceland.

What to do in Iceland?

Iceland is above all a question of landscapes. They are sometimes disturbing, sometimes romantic, but always striking, with their volcanoes, fjords, geysers, natural pools … A great change of scenery in perspective with a cheap flight to Iceland. It is relatively expensive, but you don’t really have a choice: you have to rent a car in Iceland to really enjoy it.

  • Reykjavik : it is tempting to immediately take the plunge into nature, but still try to book at least two days in the capital. For the view from the clock tower is remarkable and for its Hallgrimskirkja church.
  • Blue Lagoon : this natural hot water pool (thanks to volcanism!) Is a symbol of Iceland. It is just a few minutes’ drive from Reykjavik.
  • Fjords and geysers : East Iceland is the land of glaciers. The landscapes are contrasted like nowhere else, except maybe in New Zealand, but it is considerably further …

Where to spend your holidays in Iceland?

National parks, lakes, geysers, city: difficult to make a choice as the Icelandic land is a wonderland:

  • Spa treatment : it is near the hot springs and geysers that you will find the best establishments and accommodation for your holidays in Iceland.
  • Hiking : explore the island, bag on your back, through the national parks, you will find gites and inns along the way.
  • City-Break : Reykjavik is the only city on the island but it is also where the population of the island is concentrated. It is in its museums and restaurants that you will discover a unique culture.

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