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Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a country located mostly on the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. It is the westernmost sovereign state of mainland Europe, being bordered to the west and south by the Atlantic Ocean and to the north and east by Spain. Its territory also includes the Atlantic archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira, both autonomous regions with their own regional governments.

Portugal country is one of those where a Latin language is spoken, Portuguese. The capital, Lisbon, sits on the coast as do the main cities of Porto and Faro. Portugal has 10 major airports, half of which are on these islands. The main airport is Lisbon International Airport (LIS). Portugal is part of the European Union and uses the single currency, the Euro. On arrival, the difference with France is -1 hour.

What are the main airports in Portugal?

Portugal has major airports on the continent, to the north in Porto , to the center in Lisbon and to the south in Faro. These are the three main gateways to the country. The first of these is Lisbon Airport, located 6.5 km from the city. The two archipelagos, Madeira and the Azores, are respectively served by Cristiano Ronaldo International Airport and João Paulo II Airport (PDL).

When to book your flight to Portugal?

By comparing the offers on FlyHalfPrice, you will find cheap tickets to Portugal all year round. But beware, the Algarve region, the south of the country with Faro as its capital, is very popular for summer vacations. Tickets are then much cheaper out of season!

When is the best time to go to Portugal?

Portugal rhymes with sun and beaches. Summer is generally the best season to enjoy this small Iberian country. This is especially true for surfers and golfers, although the latter and other athletes can also appreciate the more bearable temperatures of April and May.

Is a visa required to travel to Portugal?

Portugal is part of the European Union and the Schengen Area. Nationals of a member country of the Union do not need a visa.

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